Weight loss

Your weight depends on your intake. If you eat more than you burn, you put on weight. The equation is simple.

Real committment is required to see a change in your physical aspect.

Different problems as : stress, personal, family or work problems lead to eating more than necessary. If you are overtired you will end up by eating much more than you need.

Successful weight loss includes diet and exercise plus facing and solving your issues.

Ask yourself if you are really motivated to change.Your physical image will not change if you do not change.

We all have our habits, some are good and some do not help us much. The secret lies in being able to introduce and stick to habits that work for us. People looking fit maintain daily a series of habits that easily speak for them. It is not necessary to ask, you realice quickly that they are doing “something”, maybe you cannot say what, but surely they do stick to a number of habits that work for them. Habits require discipline and inner strength.

Few people feel free to leave their comfort zone.  Excuses pile up and you can be right but then one must organize things differently. “Something” must be done. Baby steps can seem not enough but they are a beginning. By choosing not to choose, you are choosing, and in that way you remain where you are.

Trust yourself, don’t  surrender. You can if you want to. It is all about your willingness to reach your goal and do something every day.

Focus on your goal and decide to be master of your life instead of being ruled by circumstances.