Stress at work

When are you stressed at work? When you cannot face all that  you have to, when you are under too much pressure, market insecurity, budget problems,  constant phone interruptions, unpaid extra hours… Taking home extra work, going to the workplace an hour earlier to prepare an extra meeting…  Besides, all these issues generally bring about relationship problems with family members. You devote more and more time to your work but your level of satisfaction is lower. How to survive to changes? Life is a dynamic process and we must adapt to it, we must change, too. Organizing your agenda, sleeping more, sport, all this is not enough. What is worrying you will go on being there inside your mind. You can go wherever you want, but your mind goes there with you.Adapting means controlling your emotions so that they do not get against you. The problems that stress you are only yours and you alone can solve them. It is the challenge you face in the urban jungle. There is the stress caused by things you can solve  and the ones you cannot do anything about. The level and the cause depend on the individual. It depends on what you think and the meaning it has for you. The patient does not face death with every health problem. One must identify the causes of stress and study personal habits and attitudes.Emotional balance is the key. Without balance you cannot stay upright.  Keeping balance in your personal and professional life requires daily practice and emotional control. Statistics show that the number of people suffering from stress at work is higher every day. There is the stress that you take to work from your personal life and the one you find in the workplace. The way we act has a direct impact on the results we get. Our daily energy is limited therefore we must learn how to use it wisely. Stress is a poison that ruins your life. It causes anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, weight problems, cardiovascular diseases and drug dependency among others.Acquiering conflict solving strategies is an art and a challenge. Facing stress and dealing with it healthly is a personal satisfaction. Are there lack of solutions or lack of thoughts? The mechanisms are there. Train your mind. Everything you have done up till now, was initially a thought. Decide to change. Do you know that change has a door that only opens from inside the indiviual? Therefore you and only you can open it. Do you have an answer to the question: WHY DO I WANT TO CHANGE? If you know why, you will have the courage and determination necessaries to do it.