Routine in a Couple

When we talk of “routine” referring to a couple’s life, we mean the tiredness originated in anger, resentment and disappointment. There’s a lack of trying, of doing, of magic, of fantasy and conflicts freeze the sexual desire if it has not died before.  When the intimate relationship dies, the connection with “the person” who is the centre of your life disappears.Daily dissatisfaction ends up by hurting the spirit. Living together is not sharing some square metres. There are relationships that with time only share the house, the children, the journeys and the holidays. It is easy to tell them apart: the way they relate to each other is obvious: there’s no link between them. Sometimes the only emotion they show is the dispute they are having. They talk, but they don’t listen. They are together but they don’t understand each other.Decide what you want. Without changing your house or your partner, you can change your life. Be optimistic. You need to believe. If you want to change you can. You must be decided to work for what you want. It is a personal work that nobody else can do for you. It is all about attitudes and states of mind. It is a training to manage your own life. Train yourself to be a winner. It is a matter of choice.