Relationship problems

Is it that your partner doesn’t want to talk about your problems?

 Isn’t she/he answering your questions?

 Isn’t he/she accepting your solutions/options and his/her attitude is negative?

 Is he/she a stubborn person?

Do you have communication problems?

 Has he/she broken your trust?

 Don’t you feel understood?

Do you have problems such as : home, work, friends or emotional neglect?

Do you want to recover your lost love?

 Is it an infidelitiy problem that you are facing?

 Does he/she want to divorce?

Do you feel your relationaship is not at present what it used to be?

Problems show that there is something that you are not handling correctly. Maybe you are not asking yourself the correct question.Do you devote enough time to your partner? Frequently, you are facing your job, your friends, your obligations and she/he is also facing his/hers, just as you are. This results in not enough time for the relationship.

Would it be possible to establish priorities?  One can learn to say “no” to some things to be able to focus on what is really important for us. The day has 24 hours.

 How many quality hours do you devote to your partner?  How much do you share?

 Do you know what’s worrying him/her, his/her objectives, his/her main project at present?

Are you giving your partner what he/she really wants?

 We often complain of what we are not getting but we do not acknowledge or value what we are receiving or we take it for granted it should be that way.

Making a list of what you get from him/her is sometimes helpful. If you feel like, try making a list of what you are giving.  Do you know why the relationship has deteriorated?

A couple involves two people. Problems can be caused by what we do not do correctly or by our lack of doing.  When did you notice the first sign of alarm? Do you know when it started? What problem-solving strategies have you tried? Solutions have to be implemented based on the knowledge we have of our partner and of our relationship. You know him/her. You have shared time with him/her.

You have valuable information to make the necessary changes.  Were your options accepted?  Have you tried talking with your partner? Have you listened to him/her attentively? Have you invited him/her out? Sometimes, getting out of the home atmosphere helps. What is really worrying you? What is blocking you? Clearly identifying the problem and acknowledging your goals and objectives is important.  Find out how to improve your relationship, neutralize your problems and communicate effectively.

Nothing changes until you change. Your way of doing things is one way, your way, but there are many other ways. Study possibilities. We are creative beings with infinite possibilities at our disposal.