Infidelity can ruin a relationship. Feelings of anger, guilt and betrayal are involved. The causes are varied: from a dinner with alcohol to immaturity. Lack of sex in the couple, sex addiction or looking for sexual fulfillment. Lack of communication or resentment. Frustration or boredom. Seeking love, acceptance and care. Novelty or curiosity. Feelings of dissatisfaction, loneliness or emotional neglect. The desire to feel admired, loved or young for a time, etc. Generally speaking, most women look for emotional fulfillment and men search sexual fulfillment.The relationship has to be rebuilt and reinforced and to be able to do it, it is necessary to forgive.  The problem is complex and the personal characteristics of each partner have to be taken into account.

Let’s analyse what a relationship is. “If there is lack in your life, it is because there is a lack in your thoughts.” What is a perfect relationship in your mind? One must be able to picture what one wants for one’s life . What’s your conception of what you want in your relationship? Is your partner the first priority in your life? Do you want every day of your life with him/her, a family, a whole project of life together, a oneness, a team? What is your idea on the subject? Is it “sharing” everything, “connecting” physically and emotionally? Is it dining together every night laughing at some silly joke or just talking about how was your day, something you look up for? Is it as Elton John sings : “laughing like children, living like lovers, rolling like thunder under the covers…”?  What is it that you are waiting for? What’s lacking?

Is it emotional infidelity or sexual infidelity? Is it sexual infidelity once or several times? Is it infidelity with one different partner every time or the same one and through a length of time? Is it that he/she has got outside the relationship all that he/she was asking for? No clue, no idea ? What happened in your lives? Was it for something you did or your lack of doing? Why did the zest fade?  No fire dies out if it is constantly fuelled. A couple involves two people. You are 50% of the relationship. Take full responsibility of your actions.

The simplest proven system that works is love and generosity. Learn how to win your partner back. Stop feeling broken hearted and lonely. No matter if he/she has an extra marital affair. Stop quarrelling every day or relentless complaint! Start a new life with the person you’ve already shared so much with. Don’t lose your loved one. It is your life and your happiness. Step back and learn how to successfully get her/him back. Don’t live in hell, walk into heaven

Infidelity . How do you feel? You are devastated, you cannot imagine this happening to you. But it is. You love him/her. This is a hard blow for you. How to manage your anger and your confusion? You cannot conceive him/her with another partner. Are you able to forgive? Will you stay?

Stop! Just a moment! This is an affair. Affairs don’t last. An affair is easy. It involves no responsibility. No commitment.

Take it as a lesson. A lesson from which you will learn a lot about yourself, your partner and your relationship. Act with integrity and show your partner that you are trustworthy, reliable, constant, but first learn how to do it so that it works for and not against you. The situation is not easy to handle, your must have patience, STEP BACK and KNOW WHAT TO DO. If you have a clear idea of what to do, you will not despair. Do you want to save your relationship? Don’t surrender!