Problems at work

Problems at work are no news.

There are the technical problems, organization, global vision, etc. The list is endless.

And then there are the relationaship problems at work. Human interaction. Relationships with bosses, co-workers, clients, human resources, etc.

It is well known that even to solve the technical problems, the interaction with the people in the company is needed. All employees are important. Each of them has a task to do.

Results are different according to the kind of relationship established with the persons around you. Sometimes it would be desireable that this man or that woman had a more positive attitude or worked better, but we cannot change them.

What can be done? How to obtain a  higher level of satisfaction at work?

Learning how to relate adequately to the people one is working with is a training.

They are a number of techniques that make daily work easier and more satisfactory.

There are people that when failing, they lower their self esteem, others go to therapy for depression, some are under medical treatment for anxiety, and many others end up with some kind of addiction: to sex, tabacco, alcohol, drugs or simply they spend all of their free time surfing on the internet. Some people change their eating habits and get fat others loose weight. Some individuals isolate themselves.  Dissatisfaction is shown in many different ways.  Nobody can give what they have not nor do what they ignore.

There is a lot to be learnt from failure, from what does not come out well.

The desition of taking full responsability of one’s life and  start changing is very personal.

There are actions or desitions that make life easier.  Acknowledging that different actions will lead to different results, is the first step.

If one wants different results, one cannot go on doing the same things.

“Problem” means something that one is not handling satisfactorily.  Take it just as a lesson life gives you. Nobody likes problems, but they have to be faced and solved.

Learn to coexist with people at work.

Never mind about what others do or say. You are only competing against yourself. Focus on your personal development.

Be your very best every day of your life.