Your work is not fulfilling. Everybody around you is tired, angry or complains about something. The weekends are short. Holidays are never enough. And, how to recover your health with such a daily stress?

Only advertising convinces you of being unique, good-looking and the one deserving the best. But the reality show of your life tells a different story.

You must face this degree of dissatisfaction because it makes you feel miserable, it limits your perspective and blocks your creativity. It stops you from getting the best from yourself. It is a matter of finding the way.

Decide what you want. Figure out the life you want live because if you want to change you can. You must be decided to work for what you want. It is a personal work that nobody else can do for you. It is all about attitudes and states of mind. It is a training to manage your own life. Train yourself to be a winner. It is a matter of choice.