Anger is an emotion, a mechanism of defence that alerts you that there’s something wrong in a situation. The real problem is how we manage anger. There is a problem – obviously – but the problem is not outside. The enemy is always inside. It only depends on you. Nobody has the power to make you unhappy. When you are angry, with all the thoughts arising, no matter how right you may be, you are really attacking yourself. All the attack thoughts that mind provides – and mind can be very prolific – are against yourself.  Take action, that is all right, but do not react. If reaction arises you are not in control of yourself, you are not in control of your mind and mind stuff. The mind, the thoughts have triggered such an emotion in your body that you are out of control. The situation or problem has taken you over. Look inside, see what happens.

Anger stops us from eating correctly and sleeping well, it interferes with concentration , it distracts our attention during days or weeks, it gets us awfully tired and blocks  our flexibility. It is a poison that destroys our happiness and our relationships. By now, we all know all this but tend to get hooked in the same places over and over again. Start studying yourself.Anger contracts our muscles and ruins our health. An angry face cannot be changed with make up or surgery. The change must come from within.The result of managing anger in a healthy way is a happier and more satisfactory life. You will be surprised at the impact it produces in the people around you and how it affects them. Being with a happy person changes anybody’s life.You can learn to manage your anger because you are capable of doing far more than you believe and if you want to change you can. You must just be decided to work for  your goals,  it is a personal work that nobody else can do for you.  It is only about attitudes and states of mind. It is a training to manage your own life. Train yourself to overcome anger and thus enjoy as you live.We are unhappy when we expect righteousness. Do what is right just because it is right, never expect a reward, recognition or to be treated fairly.  Accept that the one is free to be as good or as bad as he/she wishes to be. What one does one does to oneself. Forget about “the others”. Remember that there is no better pillow that a good consciousness. No matter what others do or what has happened. The lesson is for you. Pass the test, forgive and let go. An unforgiving heart not only lives in the past but cannot enjoy peace.The problem is not the problem, the problem is YOU. The tools to fix things are always at your avail, the decision is yours.