Live in the present

Being happy is not something to be postponed. We should start working today. It should be desirable to enjoy each moment, this moment, here and now.  How?

Connect with your partner

We like to be loved, listened to, cuddled, embraced, accepted and understood. All is perfect in your world when it is so. But as time goes by, problems arrive like an unwelcome guest. How to face them?

When meal times arrive I just gulp down

If you eat out of sheer anxiety, by changing your thoughts you will change your state of mind. By doing so, you will implement new habits and therefore get different results.

Success eludes me.

Work for this instant. Your life is this moment. Pay attention to it, regardless of its importance. Don’t waste your time and energy concentrating on what others do. Have a plan. Eliminate negative ideas. Success will follow.


Appreciate who and what you are. We all have positive aspects which serve as well and negative aspects to be improved.  Value the positive ones you have and realize that all of us have negative ones to work on. Personal improvement is endless.

How to do it?

Blaming others doesn’t help

Blaming others is one of the first things most of us do. Blaming our partner, the boss, the circumstances, life, the government, etc. It doesn’t work.  Solutions are needed  to avoid creating another problem.


We all have some kind of challenge pendant. How to face them with courage?

Your life is “here and now”.

Your life is not only your wedding day. Your life is not the holidays but everything taking place in between. Live with joy every minute. Have fun while you live.

My partner, my family, my job….

My partner…My family…My job…Motivation…Objectives…Where there is a problem, a solution must be found. Why don’t you try?  Would you like to learn how to manage all these issues satisfactorily? We spend working most of the day, why don’t we try to make of it a place where we enjoy spending the time, if anyhow we have to be there?

No planning

What are your challenges, your dreams, your goals…? Do you have a purpose in life? Stop and think. Decide what you want. Focus on your objectives. Life is change and opportunities are everywhere for everybody.  Work for getting what you want.