“You can never step into the same river twice.”



This is a quote on the philosophy of change. The river is always changing and so are you. “No man steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river, the water is not the same, the water is ceaselessly running towards the sea and he’s not the same man because his thoughts and the events to which he is exposed have changed”.  Everything is constantly shifting, changing and becoming something other to what it was before. Everything and everybody around us is endlessly changing. No wonder that we get annoyed many times because we want stability or get things as we would like them to be.  It is not possible because immutability does not exist ( not at least in the world of form). Life as we know it is permanent change. And it is always what we have now. Things are just as they are. The acceptance of facts and the world being just as it is brings peace. It is the struggle to get things exactly as one wants them to be that causes suffering. We must accept and befriend change. The problem is that with constant change we do not feel in control, the lack of control makes one feel defenseless, powerless, vulnerable. Relax, change is not an enemy, it is just a characteristic of life. Feel happy, life loves you, change is another lesson to be learnt and lessons come up everyday for each of us. Do not feel lonely, we are billions learning to solve our private hell.  As Heraclitus said : “the only thing that does not change is change.”


“Use soft words and hard arguments.”

English Proverb


English Proverb on using kind language while concentrating on the solidity of the arguments. To be able do this effectively the theme has to be first thoroughly studied so that there are no contradictions or flaws. The preparation of the subject is of upmost importance. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to prepare an exposition convincing enough and backed up by a good research of the topic. If one does not prepare the case sufficiently well, one is preparing to fail. Emotions vanish out of the scope when the arguments are concrete enough. One has to be well grounded on the subject to show its validity and not taken by the emotions behind the results expected. Thus, the arguments must have a weight of their own, leaving no doubt of their credibility.The language used, the pitch and tone, the choice of words (vocabulary), the body language, everything counts, plus the research done on the subject, all helps. To be able to succeed one has to prepare. By preparing you learn about the subject and about yourself. The use of soft words independently of the attitude of the one in front, defending your arguments no matter how they are destroyed or laughed at is a lesson for yourself. The one learning is you. One has to be always kind and understanding, one never loses by this. The one who loses most is the unkind, the mindless, the one who is blind to acknowledge a different point of view or simply to see he is not right. On the other hand one must also be willing to admit that in the end one was wrong.One must take every encounter, every challenge as a lesson. They are all teaching aids for personal development.


“If you want your children to be intelligent read them fairy tales, if you want your children to be more intelligent read them more fairy tales.”

Albert Einstein


Fairy tales deal with the impossible being possible. The fairies can do absolutely everything. In the world of fairies creativity is making possible what seems impossible. To step into the world of imagination one needs a vision and no fear. Fearful thoughts are negative thoughts and negativity is never creative. Negativity is a massive destructive weapon. It destroys one’s hopes, one’s dreams and consumes a vast amount of vital energy. Children are not well grounded in the world of ideas, forms and concepts therefore they feel free and comfortable with fairies and imagination.Originality does not come from the world of certainties, from the world of facts. One has to dive into the unknown to experiment something completely new. This means walking out of the comfort zone and that is not something easy for the majority of adults. Only a few dare to advance into the sphere of imagination and talent to create or formulate what is not confirmed in our conceptualized world.Fairies are limitless beings with limitless possibilities. And so are we. We are the thoughts we give birth to and nestle. By giving rise and believing certain thoughts we decide our lives. At first, everything is a thought in the mind. Everything we are and have was first a thought. One is always free to choose the positive or the negative thought. Bear always in mind that by choosing not to choose one is also choosing.That is why when reading tales of imagination where vision is the king and originality is the queen children create a kingdom where ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING BECOMES POSSIBLE.  There, they are limitless beings and by believing something that after all is true, they can trust and follow their immense and unending creativity.As this wise man says: read them fairy tales so they can make the impossible, always possible.


“You cannot prevent the birds of sadness from passing over your head, but you can prevent their making a nest in your hair.”

Chinese proverb


Feeling down? Sad?

Sadness is a negative emotion. Life is as it is. There are things one chooses and others that simply come to us.

You cannot avoid the event that triggered the feeling but what you can do is stop feeding negative thoughts about it. Kill negativity.

If there is something you can do, do it.

If there is nothing you can do, accept it.

Acceptance is a lesson difficult to learn but not at all impossible.

Accept what happened and always do your best. Be your very best every day of your life and always feed your dreams, goals and hopes. Keep a positive mental attitude. Positive thoughts are powerful. Stay connected to your motivation, your goals and above all things be grateful for what you are and what you have.

Practice being grateful every day and soon you will find yourself being grateful for every little detail in your life. Thank you to all for all is a seed that by growing slowly in your consciousness changes how you feel about things. The secret change takes place inside one’s own heart.


“If there is no wind, row.”

Latin Proverb

More often than not, things do not come out exactly as expected. An extra effort is needed. It is not impossible but extra work has to be done. It is always “that little extra” that makes the difference.

No wind? Therefore: row!

Implement something new. Use your imagination and find solutions. Never complain. Complaining shows a negative attitude and negativity is not creative but destructive.

Do you want to be a winner? Then, persevere, persevere, never quit half way.

What life asks us to do we have the strength to do. Trust yourself, have confidence in yourself. Life will help you if you concentrate all your efforts in what you are doing in the present moment. Slowly you will be fixing things one after the other.

Make eye contact with life and decide YOU CAN add the little extra required.


“A healthy attitude is contagious, but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.”

Tom Sttopard


We all meet people who have a positive attitude about life and others who complain and look like “black holes” of negativity.


Winston Churchill said: “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”  Of course it does.

People with negative attitude are big producers of negative thoughts. The seeds they plant in their workplace or at home are negative ones therefore they will reap negative attitudes with negative results. By feeding negative thoughts nobody can feel good and of course health itself deteriorates because negativity weakens the immune system.

Do you like people with a positive mental attitude? I suppose you do. It is uplifting, always happily received. If you like a healthy attitude, be a carrier.

You are powerful, so believe in your power. Trust the POWER of your thoughts. Embrace positive thoughts. Love, patience, forgiveness, kindness are positive ones. Believe you can, that you have talent, do your best, be kind and smile. After all life is what you make of it. There lies your power. Go through life as if things were possible because they are when you devote to each of them the necessary effort.

Turn your healthy attitude into a habit. Be a carrier. Do not pollute the world with negativity. Change to positive thinking and then see what happens.


“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”

Lao Tzu

Love is the first law of the Universe. Through love there is peace, agreement, friendship, confidence, trust, creation, hope, kindness, generosity. All the good  things in life come out of love.

Look at nature and imitate her. Nature is generous and always gives out abundantly.

Be considerate. Everything you do ripples to others and your attitude matters. It makes a BIG difference whether it is positive or negative.  Be gentle. The world needs your kindness and you need a peaceful heart.


“The most important question a person can ask is: Is the Universe a friendly place?”

Albert Einstein


The answer to this question will determine your present and your future.If you decide this is a friendly place: your attitude, your willingness, all your thoughts will match with positive thinking.If you decide it is a hostil place, you will see enemies everywhere, no opportunities and “impossibilities”.Realize the power of a positive thought, believe that your positive thoughts are the seeds of every act of creativity in your life. Each of us – consciously or unconsciously-  designs his life according to his thought pattern.  A thought pattern  becomes a habit in your life. Changing from negative to positive thinking is the key to a fuller, more successful life.Each of us is all the time creating in many and different fields. Everybody plays various roles: parent, son or daughter, partner, boss, worker, student, teacher, neighbour, the list is endless.The game of life is all about relationships, how to relate to others and to the world. All we do ripples to others, our attitude is important, it makes a difference whether it is positive or negative.With a positive attitude a solution can be found, a kind word is said, a conflict is avoided or solved.Deciding whether this is an amicable place or not will determine the quality of our lives. Nobody can be happy in an unfriendly place.Realize there are no wrong places, just wrong attitudes.Face your negative thoughts, bring them to the light of a positive mental attitude.Be  aware that you are not taking profit of the wonderful opportunity of being happy and living a life of a superior quality if you only change your thoughts.Be conscious that by choosing certain thoughts you are deciding the outcome and the opportunity is all yours:-       it is about your thoughts-       it is about your decisions-       it is about your success-       it is about your whole lifeAre you happy?No?Do you want to be happy?Think positive thoughts.Do you want to be happier?Think more positive thoughts.Do you want to be the happiest person in your place?Think ONLY positive thoughts.


“Make it a habit to tell people “Thank you”. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life and your find that you have more of it.”

Ralph Marston


Being grateful for all we have and we are is important for each of us. Appreciating  what we have warms our heart. We had to work hard to get what have today. Let us be grateful. Never take for granted what you already  have. Thankfulness is the healthiest of human emotions. Be kind to the ones around without any expectations. Give a smile, give your kindness, we all need your love. Remember that nobody needs more an act of kindness than the angry, the fearful or the incapable of giving a smile back. Love people and they will love you back, love life and it will love you back.


“Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests.”



Experience is gained by facing challenges. Difficulties force human beings to get the best out of themselves to positively find a solution. When confronted to an urgent issue  there is no time for so much thinking, decisions have to be taken in milliseconds. Do you want to be a winner?  Never hide from the wonderful opportunities life brings to you, BECOME AN EXPERT. Never wait for recognition or gratefulness. YOU KNOW, that is all that matters.  Pilots do not gain reputation by keeping the ship in port, that is from avoiding the open sea and what it brings to them.Please bear in mind that Epicurus is referring to ship’s pilots because 300 years before Christ there were no planes. In modern language today, a captain is in command of a ship.


“In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.”

Janos Arnay


In our dreams everything is possible. In the dream you are the superhero capable of everything or the fairy that with the magic wand makes all wishes come true. Exactly the same happens with love.That is why we have to love what we do to be successful, if not, please put love in what you have at hand. Only by loving something you take pleasure in it and every little achievement is a cause of joy. The impossible is what takes more time and energy, let’s say: perseverance, but nobody has to remind you to think about something you truly love. You become one with the project and ideas keep coming to you continuously as the river endlessly flows into the sea.Put love into what you do, learn to love the little details. Be grateful for every accomplishment. We do not think in terms of effort when we cherish something because the very act of creation is in itself the reward.Love and all that springs from it is positive. Life is generous and abundant and each of us is an agent of creation. Be happy and grateful for this opportunity life brings to show how positive you are. Smile more, say “Thank you” more times. Love everybody no matter how they are, don’t judge them. Love them anyway, everybody needs love. Love avoids conflicts.Put joy in every single instant of the day. Design happiness for your “now”, not for an imaginary moment in the future. Life is now. Love it and things will be possible.Only ask yourself: How would I feel  if I knew it was possible? What would I do?


“A safe conscience makes a sound sleep.”

German Proverb

“Ein gutes Gewissen ist ein sanftes Ruhekissen.”


A good conscience is the best of pillows. Motivate yourself to be better and better, in every way, every day of your life.

Whenever you give life your very best, life gives it back to you. I do not mean people because you can give your best and get from them a kick on the face. As the poem says, love them anyway. You are getting the experiences you need for your personal evolution. One has to feel the need to evolute at a personal level, nobody changes anything he/she believes things are all right as the are. It is the call within. It is when one realizes one has to overcome oneself to avoid conflict and thus be able to solve problems. That is personal growth. Easier said that done, I know.

Change is not effortless or straightforward. To change habits resolution and perseverance are required. As Einstein said “Try not to be a man of success but a man of value.” Success and money are important but without a happy and peaceful heart they are meaningless.

Be your very best, you’ll never regret it. Choose the best version of yourself every minute. SHOW integrity behind your face, give your best smile, stand straight up, make eye contact with people and shake hands assertively. Feel happy to be alive and enjoy yourself. What is wrong with this minute? Feel happy NOW!


Make happy those who are near, and those who are far will come.”

Chinese Proverb


Chinese Proverb on how your kindness will magnetize people. We all want to be treated kindly, cared for and be payed attention to. The humanness in you is always present, the good in you flourishes whenever you feel (consciously or unconsciously) the presence of love. Love is a smile, a kind word, your time, your “please and thank you.” Kindness brings into existence a positive energy field that is rapidly acknowledged by all living beings.


“A man without a smiling face must not open shop.”

Chinese Proverb


Smile when getting up.Smile while having breakfast.Smile to the ones at home before going to work.Smile while going to work and when at work.Smile all day through, it is free.The positive attitude behind the smile ripples to others.Smile first and then see what happens.


“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.”

Chinese Proverb


Chinese Proverb on the opportunities change can offer. Life is constant change. Look for the hidden advantage, for the hidden teaching behind it. If you take the time to observe closely you will find the favorable circumstances waiting for you. Do not stay staring to the door that has closed , discover the new one opening for you. Be an alchemist, transform metal into gold, that is the negative into positive. In the world of duality there is always an opposite, so confronted to the negative, search for the positive because IT IS THERE.


“Hear the other side”.

Saint Augustine



“Audi Alteram Partem” is considered a principle of fundamental justice or equity in most legal systems. No person should be condemned unheard. The notion that an individual whose life, liberty or property are in legal jeopardy, has the right to confront the evidence against him or her in a fair hearing, is one of the fundamental principles of constitutional law in most countries.

In every day life we should also make an effort to hear attentively, that is listen patiently the other’s view points. Although every angry man thinks he is right, personal development is shown in the ability to listen no matter how much we disagree. No matter how different our approach or proposal is, it should be exposed clearly for the other party to understand. The way one deals with the subjects one disagrees with shows our altitude. “Use soft words and hard arguments”, document yourself well enough to show the other side why or where he is wrong.  We can serenely and unhurriedly expose why that we cannot agree. Maybe some points clash with our interests but others harmonize and are welcomed.

On the other side, on hearing the complete story one may realize one was wrong because one part of the information was missing. Admitting one was wrong is also part of the training.

It is just part of the game of life. Learning to deal with issues and viewing them as challenges.


“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.”

Henry Ford


The goal of any business is to make money. There are many people involved in the process. Although it is very praiseworthy that many companies donate money for different programs which benefit the community, the company  IS MADE UP by human beings. By people who work every day for a living and those people are the real asset of the company because without them money cannot be made. Someone told me one day: “No matter his/her value anybody can be replaced immediately”. Companies that are so focused on money end by loosing the money they so much desire. Sooner or later they will come to an end.

They who belittle people in such a way will apparently succeed but not for a long time. Money is not the name of life’s game. Those that so greedily work for money and hoard it anxiously disregarding the humanness of the ones around are swept away by the waves of change.

Never believe that money will solve all your problems, money pays bills but money cannot buy everything in life. “The things that count in life, cannot be counted.”  You can be strict, do your work and still be kind to everyone around you and you will feel happier and more complete. Being kind you can point out what is wrong or not well done, do what is necessary and be considerate.  Be kind, anyway and sleep well.

Money  plays only a role in life, it is not the whole movie.


“With money you can buy a house, but not a home.

With money you can buy a clock, but not time.

With money you can buy a bed, but not sleep.

With money you can buy a book, but not knowledge.

With money you can buy a doctor, but not health.

With money you can buy a position, but not respect.

With money you can buy blood, but not life.

With money you can buy sex, but not love.”

Chinese Proverb


Money has a function. It provides for a living, education, leisure. It is easy to understand that we all have the right to have what is needed to live a satisfactory life. Nobody is happy when lacking the necessary elements to live with. And we are all very conscious that this minimum costs generally the maximum amount of effort.

But when whirled around in everyday life by the rush and pressure of getting things done, we tend to loose sight of what really counts. We are focussed on money,  paying bills and “problems”.

How often do you look up and “see”, “observe” the sky: cloudy, sunny or full of stars? Where have all the simple things of life gone? What has become of the lovely little details?

We all need love, a warm hug, a moment of laughter, feeling happy for a job well done…

“The things that count in life cannot be counted”. Enjoy every moment. If we wait to be happy WHEN…. maybe it takes too long.

Do not waste the golden opportunity to be happy today, not for the money you earn, but for having the luxury to be here NOW, to be a unique YOU.


“Have patience all things are difficult before they become easy.”



In the same way a child finds every new subject learnt at school difficult, until he is proficient in it, in the same way we have to face new lessons every single day.

The lesson can be a new skill, a new language, a new job.

Sometimes the lesson is a difficult person at work.

All of us face something “difficult” that must be dealt with a lot of patience and acceptance of what the present moment is bringing to us. We do not choose everything coming to us, but we must deal with everything in the best possible way.

Be patient and slowly it will become easy. Accept first, and then see what happens.


“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intend of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”



What life brings to us is a lesson pendant to be learnt. One would not evolve if one would not  pass all the tests one is  faced with. One cannot choose the lesson. The only choice one has is to pass it or not. If one fails the test one remains always in the same place.

Anger is a topic each of us should try to overcome.  Look within. What triggers one’s anger? A human being reacts at what he believes is a threat of danger,  a hidden menace. One gets angry … there are always reasons : self righteousness, injustice, attack, defense…. What really matters is WHAT makes you angry and the different degrees of anger you experience. No matter the degree it ruins this moment or this day or the week or…..some people stay angry for things that took place years ago. Anger is a poinson that consciously or not ends up by ruining your health.

It is not important whether one understands the challenge or not, things are just as they are. One has no control over the facts, they just come to us and we must take them as they are.

What is important to discover is what fear lies behind that anger. If one is able to face the fear that lies hidden behind it and one is able to dissolve it, one comes to know what happens inside oneself. Slowly discovering what triggers which emotion within oneself is key to personal evolution. One cannot lead others successfully if one is not able to be the master of one’s Self.

It is a slow process of investigation by which one comes to acknowledge and gradually solve all inner conflicts to stop the war within. Anger creates restlessness, it erodes physical energy, it dissolves creativity.  One automatically stops living in the present moment because all thoughts are whirled into   the issue  that provoked the anger or the mental movie running in the head about it.

Go deep into the root of your angers and situations of non-acceptance and realize that they are only lessons life is facing us with. We all go through them. The issue is if we pass the test satisfactorily. Failure is not falling down. The real failure is NOT getting up quickly and with enthusiasm to go on playing the game of life.


“A smile is the universal welcome.”

Max Eastman


Smile always. Smile to your family. Let your children learn it from you. Smile to people you know and to strangers, you never know if that smile is all that they will be getting today.

Start your day with a smile. Be thankful to be alive.  Aren’t you happy for this? Then, show your joy to life by being grateful and smiling.

Your smile is the best gift you can give YOURSELF. Smile, it is just under your nose, so near!

Smile, smile, smile! Act BIG, be generous with everyone you meet : give them your best, your broadest smile!  Love is a free therapy.


“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Enthusiasm is keen interest, excitement for something. One adds to it a strong desire for success, love and tons of positive thinking.

Whatever you are dealing with, start your day with a happy smile to show life your love and gratefulness. Unblock all the obstacles to cheerfulness. Pull down the barriers that separate you from joy and feel the immense pleasure of being ALIVE.

Do you want to achieve great things? Put love in what you do, no matter what it is you are doing now. Love yourself by thinking only positive thoughts.

Enthusiasm is the opposite of pessimism, apathy, doubt. In the same way that happiness is the contrary of misery, sadness, sorrow.  Which one will you choose for today?

Look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself the gift of your best smile to start a good day. Greatness is an attitude.


“You can discover more in a person in half an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”



Playing any game with somebody, including the game of life (working shoulder to shoulder  with anybody at home or at work, business negotiations, sharing any activity with a neighbor, etc.) will show you how he really is.

By talking a person shows the idea he has of himself, by sharing any sort of activity together people show their naked self. Virtues and defects talk by themselves.