Jean Paul Sartre



Yes, you’ve been hurt. All right. And now What???? Are you going to hold on to your grievances for the rest of your life?  Are you decided to play the victim role or do you want to grow up and learn to overcome difficulties, walk away from pain and hurt and enjoy “now”. The issue is already past, bury it and live in the present moment. Do not give your power to others, you rule over your mind, nobody else does. Beware what you are telling yourself. 

Your are free to let go or free to hold on to your grievances, grudges and bitterness or decide to forgive and move forward.

Learn to forgive the unforgivable. Let go, relinquish all resentments, make eye contact with life and feel free to be happy. No matter what was done to you, forgive. Everything you do, you do to yourself, if you do not forgive you are punishing yourself for….WHAT??? Is it worthwhile? 

An unforgiving heart lives in the past. Forgiveness is a choice. Forgiveness is the best gift you can do to yourself. Choose happiness, forgive and find peace.


“True silence is the rest of the mind,

it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body,

nourishment and refreshment.”

William Penn

Pay attention to the silence within yourself. Try this simple exercise as often as possible:  Take a break from thoughts and truly rest. If they come, let them come, just observe them calmly without judging or getting impatient.

Thoughts are used to govern you and won’t disappear automatically at the click of a button or at the click of a mouse. It is a training and as any training it needs perseverance and patience.

If you remain silent you will realize why it is so important to rule your own mind. Stop consciously  the thoughts that keep popping up. Step back from yourself and scrutinize them,  examine what is going on within. You will see for yourself what nobody can show you because it is you and you alone who are inside yourself. Face your thoughts and let them come out from hiding. Each and every one of them has the capacity to affect you positively or negatively. You have the power to choose. Choose wisely.

Befriend silence because it is a free school. The cost lies in the difficulty to stay in it.

Keep your mind still.