“When someone beats a rug,


the blows are not against the rug,


but against the dust in it.”










Every now and then, life gives us heavy blows. The blows come in the disguise of problems or things we do not accept. People around can be rough, unkind, intolerant or facts unbearable. The relevant issue is that we have to deal with them, anyway. The blows are not meant to hit us, just to awaken us. They serve a purpose: to make us realize it is high time to evolve, to advance in our personal development.


Anger, fear or doubt, however hidden they may be, make us react negatively.


This is a long journey into oneself. The journey is called:  self-discovery.


There is a lesson to be learnt. What causes a negative reaction in us? What is it that triggers that negative emotion? The minute we are controlled by negative thoughts we begin to loose ground.


It is only the fact that must be dealt with.


Easier said that done, I know, but by accepting that we are not accepting we begin to see the light. Accepting is the first step to open the door to solutions.


We do not have the power to choose comes to us but we have the choice to decide how we are going to act.


It is in our choice that we show to ourselves the degree of development reached. It is a constant test of what is happening inside us. The barometer is how much of what we are dealing with can disturb us.


Acceptance is key. We have the power to solve whatever comes to us. But this power is lost if we do not realize how powerful we are. As Rumi says: “you were born with wings, why crawl through life?


Negative emotions make us crawl while developing self-knowledge and conquering ourselves to be able to cross the bridge to positive thinking is liberating. We are freed from the burden of “the impossible” and slowly things start being “possible”. It is just a thought in the mind, but a very POWERFUL thought.


The blows in the rug are to get rid of the dust in it. The dust in us are the unsolved issues. Sometimes it takes time and patience to bring them to light one by one, for they tend to remain hidden. Bringing them to light is acknowledging where the stepping-stones are.


Life moves and changes constantly. Personal change is personal choice because it can only come from within.  Opportunities to learn are served to us on a golden tray at every step of the way.


The only limitations are in the mind. Don’t play small.


Always do your best and above all BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!




“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.


It turns what we have into enough and more.


It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order,


confusion into clarity.


It can turn a meal into a feast,


a house into a home, 


a stranger into a friend.”


Melody Beattie





Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation for what one has.


Appreciating what one has or what life has offered to us up to the present moment is important because it makes a difference on how one feels.


Cultivating the habit of being grateful is key to increase one’s levels of energy, well-being, optimism and empathy.


Always remember to be thankful for every good thing that comes into your life, for every little achievement, for every progress no matter how small, because it always makes a difference.




“Abundance is not something we acquire.


It is something we tune into.”


Wayne Dyer





First of all one must realize the true meaning of abundance because if not, all else is meaningless.


Abundance is a choice. Why? Because if one is not well grounded in positive thinking there cannot be abundance. Why? Because negative thinking will lead you to think in terms of lack of, of the supply as limited, and from there no creation is possible.


Abundance is: plenty of everything for all to share. And unless one holds to this concept and stays well grounded in it, one will tend to see lack of, any time things APPARENTLY do not fit one’s expectations. One is faced with lessons every day and it is easy to understand that when one  does not accept the unavoidable, the unexpected, one tends to  complain, criticize or simply not accept or be against what life is offering. Non-acceptance is terribly negative and as Buddha said “the cause of suffering”. Look inside and see it for yourself. Bear in mind that non-acceptance is a fatal weapon against oneself.


Abundance is an attitude. Abundance is the expectations of good things to come. Abundance means being open to receive each moment,  offering one’s best positive thought independently of circumstances.  It is easy to be happy when things come out as one expects but it is much more difficult to remain positive and well grounded in thankfulness when appearances do not meet one’s expectations.


Personal growth means personal evolution. To evolute here means from the realm of thought. It is through thought that one creates. It is extremely limited to believe that you can create only with your hands. There are no limits. One is limitless. The only limitations are the ones one establishes with one’s thoughts. This concept is new for many, so many do not dare traverse the known to walk into the unknown. It is much more comfortable and easy to stay where one has been all one’s life: in the ignorance of what unfolding one’s capacities and power can mean and where it can lead to.


Be open to receive, perceive life as a win-win option. Focus life from a different perspective. Open doors and windows to abundance, to positive thinking.


Gratefulness will open the door in your heart to abundance. Walk the way of thankfulness to have a peaceful heart.


One tunes into abundance by feeling at peace with oneself and life. Do not oppose to what life brings, they are just lessons, tests to make one evolute. Life is every moment whispering “come on, it is high time to wake up, grow up”. Be happy to see how you pass the exams, just as in school. Every day there are more lessons, more tests, more exams. Wake up in the morning happily and think ” thank you because I pass all my daily exams. I am prepared. Yes, I can.” Smile to life. Never grudge or complain, that is negative and if one wants abundance one must remain ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE.




NOTHING will ever happen if you do not change your thoughts.



“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather,


always bring your own sunshine.”


Anthony J. D’Angelo





Attitude is key to success in life no matter the subject you are dealing with. Concentrate your  thoughts in doing something to find solutions and solutions will come up. Life will always side you if you do your best for a good purpose and with a loving heart (no negative thoughts for anything or anybody). Negative thoughts would imply competition and you want to create not to compete. The only competition possible is against oneself, to be better every moment in every way.


Keep always your best attitude, show yourself the best part of yourself every “now”.


Motivate yourself to be YOUR BEST YOU and you will take the sun with you wherever you go. Remember that the sun is always  there for you and for everybody else, one has to be AWARE.


Bear in mind that the SUN is the inspiration deeply rooted in the spirit. Look inside yourself.






“Wisdom consists in doing the next thing you have to do,


doing it with your whole heart, and finding delight in it.”


Meister Eckhart




Feeling anxious indicates not been present in the now. You are not anchored in the present moment. You are in the future. Anxiety means fear for the future.


Your thoughts are playing against yourself. You “believe” honestly that you are trying to solve the future or your life situation. But you are wrong. Solving something means taking action. If you are already doing your best, just stop your wandering mind and stay concentrated on what life is asking from you in the “now”. I repeat: your life is “now”. The action, situation, problem or issue, they are all lessons or teaching aids that form part of your personal evolution. The one you are having at the moment is  the lesson that you require “now”. You are prepared for it. Life will never give you something you cannot handle. Maybe life is teaching you patience or how to deal with conflicts or the unavoidable or the unpredictable. Accept first and then see what happens.


Relax and do your best. Accept this moment as it is. Acceptance is a lesson we  strongly resist. Forget about “the door that has closed” on your noses and try to find the “new opportunity” waiting for you, the new door or window for you to see the light.  If you do not cheerfully accept or if  you resist constantly  “what is”  you are endlessly in a state of opposition with life.


Opposition is suffering. Suffering is self-inflicted. It is not the situation that is causing you trouble, it is WHAT YOU THINK OF THE SITUATION. The situation is powerless to hurt you.


Love what you are doing now. Accept the people around you just as they are, you are not going to change them, anyway.  You are responsible for your life and your happiness. Happiness is achieved through love. Love life and life will love you back. Smile to life and life will smile you back sooner than you could ever imagine.


Love, life and happiness are all positive. Never add a negative thought. You are responsible for your thoughts. Be wise and check them!