Teaching habits to children


First I will define words. According to the dictionary to teach is to impart knowledge of, to coach, to enlighten, to train, to educate.Habits are routines of behaviours that are repeated regularly. To acquire habits that are beneficial to the person, willpower is required. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle. When teaching habits to children progress is made little by little. We must admit it and acknowledge it so that we can remain always patient and ready to repeat day after day what has to be done. We must remember that we cannot lose the spirit of repetition.Through daily repetition they learn absolutely everything that must be accomplished for everyday life. Bear in mind that repetition requires from the teacher a lot of patience and patience is a synonym of lots and lots of love. Remember that love admits not “if…” or “but…”. Either there is love or lack of love. Love admits no degrees.How do children learn at home? By imitation and repetition.Slowly they master a certain number of activities that must be learnt from early childhood, always adapting goals to ages. Gradually skills will be perfected.By learning how to deal with everyday life satisfactorily on their own, children develop self-confidence that will be key later in life.By training them to deal with all these activities as matter of fact they become familiar with work at home as an inherent and inseparable part of their lives.Learning all this at an early age is important because they will never consider work at home “the heavy burden” many people believe it is. Or that it is unwillingly done because “there is no way out.”If you do not take this part of life as natural, just as it is to take a daily bath, you cannot have a family. At least, not a happy family nor enjoy life at home. If you want them to be happy while taking a share at home, teach them to be helpful, make them feel how worthy they are and that their contribution to the home life is very valuable. Believe they are relevant and make them feel so. Make them feel their aid is meaningful and significant. Make them feel appreciated. Encourage them.If you want to educate in values, teach them through love and appreciation. Love is the only law of universe and everything coming from it is positive in essence.Always remember that every genius has first been a child.firma♥ April 11, 2013 ♥