At home


“The mind grows by what it feeds on.”

Josiah Gilbert Holland


If the mind grows by what it feeds on, the teachings provided to the children must be first quality. Please consider that the higher the stake, the harder the work behind. That applies to everything in life. Parents must bear in mind the principles on which they base their teachings applied on every single detail of daily life.Each episode is a lesson, each outburst of anger or contradiction is a teaching aid. Mothers and fathers learn to be very patient (lots of love and optimism) and stay firm on the principles behind the goals. Trying endlessly with the same renewed enthusiasm independently of the hour of the day or tiredness or illness or difficulty arising, is highly recommended. (If you are aiming to get the results you seek).Endurance is not such a difficult discipline if there is a goal behind. And as Rumi said “Love is the bridge between you and everything”. Parents must love their work because without love there is no positive outcome possible, at least not in the long run.An outburst of dissatisfaction for the now is a lesson. Everybody has to learn to accept the now, to accept the present moment.How do we teach children to accept the now?By being grateful.Ah…. Is that all? So simple?It is simple, if deeply looked into. It is the simple act of paying attention to what you are thanking. It is the act of being truly grateful with the heart, not with the lips. It is the feeling not the words uttered that matter. It is the act of paying attention and shifting to the ” thank you- mode”. Slowly teach them every day to say ten things they are grateful for.Say ten things you appreciate in your life and invite the child to imitate you. Setting an example is a good way to teach. Gently they learn abundance. The feeling of abundance will come gradually into their hearts. It is not the number of possessions that make you rich but the depth in your heart with which you acknowledge what you have. How one feels about what one has is key to one’s thoughts. If there are no thoughts of lack there will be no dissatisfaction, there will only be goals to be achieved without any negative feeling behind.Never compare, one cannot feel happy because one has what another has not. The simple act of being thankful for having it, is enough because having it, makes a difference in one’s life. Having a bed or a chair is good for oneself and one must be able to feel grateful for the little details that make up one’s life, just because it is beneficial for oneself. Feeling grateful for what one has is a gift for oneself. If nothing has any value in one’s heart, nothing will ever be enough. Constant feeling of “lack of” will not lead to happiness or peace of mind. Gratefulness is the way to love and inner peace. Gratefulness brings a sense of well-being. Feeling good about life unlocks creativity and brings joy.Feed your heart with gratefulness and your day will be lighter. “Lack of” is a heavy load to carry in one’s heart.Finding solutions to solve any situation in life based on positive thinking, without complaint, without criticism, without competition is not taught at school or university at the moment. It is taught at home. The approach by which children learn to solve their “problems” or “lessons of non-acceptance” is important. Difficulties should not be labelled. Labels do not help.Just deal with facts.Teach children to shift their attention to the fact. Always go back to the fact. The fact is impersonal. The fact has no emotion. It is what is thought about the fact that triggers the emotion. The fact has no power to harm . It is what the person thinks about the fact that makes him/here suffer.If life is solving one thing after the other it would be useful to become an expert on the subject. Everything is solved in a quicker way if the answer is viewed from a positive angle. It is simply an exercise of looking for different possibilities that could work for that case, that is all the child needs. They must be taught how to act when facing anything that he/she does not like, agree with, accept, or thinks that desperately needs. Pay attention : they must learn to act not to react. Sometimes they react as if the world was going to come to an end if they do not get what they want. Another way of trying to get things done their way is demanding love. They must feel they are loved, but facts are facts. Parents can teach facts, be loving but stay firm on resolving the problem.Progenitors can teach happiness thorough positive thinking. Every new day brings plenty of opportunities to teach all these lessons. Be grateful for the lessons, it is always better to start at home, so never avoid or complain for this wonderful opportunity. The lesson life brings today to each of us is the one we need for personal evolution, the sooner one learns it, the better.The final lesson is to love, to learn to love everybody and everything. There is love behind : patience, forgiveness, acceptance, non-judgement, non-resistance, gratefulness.Love is the best gift one can give oneself. Love opens doors and windows in life. Love changes results.firma

♥ July 7, 2013 ♥