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“To silence …”


“To silence another, first be silent yourself.”


Latin Proverb



♥ March 3, 2014 ♥



“Stress …”

One thing at a time.\r\n Find harmony in your life.\r\nSow peace within.\r\nThere cannot be peace outside yourself if there is not peace inside yourself first.

“Who does not …”

Be always grateful for everything in your life.Be thankful for the good because it is good and the ones you do not like because they have taught you a lesson about yourself.

“No one can see their reflection in …”

Be still. Be patient. Be present. Presence is a choice.

Chinese proverb on development

Be fearless and only concentrate on advancing.

Chinese proverb on smile

Smiling is opening doors and windows to life and show the will to communicate with the rest of the world.

German proverb on attitude

Some people work, others make up excuses.

Swiss proverb on criticism

Never criticize. Always do your best. Everyone you meet has lessons to learn, and they have to be learnt sooner or later.\r\nSome people leave everything for tomorrow. So, tomorrow is a very busy day.

Chinese Proverb on life

What you sow, you reap. \r\nIt is life that will give you back what you have given out. Life, not people.

With money you can buy…

Chinese Proverb on money. Commentary included.