I want to ask you a very small contribution for World Peace.

Our responsibility is great for each of us can do his/her part with an act of kindness, a warm smile or simply encouraging somebody else. In doing so we create a different atmosphere around, for all we do ripples to others.

It is the little seed of love and peace that I can sow every moment while still alive that counts.

Thank you for reading this lines. I hope they can stir in you the motivation necessary to get up every day with the firm conviction of how important our “apparently small contribution” is. And this will mean a giant leap towards peace and conscious evolution.

Each of us is a significant  part of humanity, we are not apart and every act has great impact.

Let us all diligently  do our part.  We are all different, but we must not allow differences to create divisions.

Think BIG, by including we are fearlessly showing generosity and gratefulness, with exclusions we are playing small and loudly manifesting fear.

Let us accept, forgive, love and befriend each other.

The world will not change until we change. World peace depends on each of us.


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