What silence taught me

What silence taught me.


After long hours of how to …

how to…

how to…

on waking up today I got it.

It was not thinking it over for so long.

It was not brooding on it endlessly because my mind was amazing at offering “solutions”, “ exits” or “ radical changes”.

After trying so many different methods and failing in ALL OF THEM….I decided to follow the advice of the sages: I turned into silence.

It was difficult at first, almost impossible at the beginning… but after so much brain storming it was as if something inside had said : NO MORE. PLEASE STOP.

And surprisingly, the decision came all by itself…“the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom”…

Silence…. Silence….Silence…

On waking up the answer was there: clear, neat, easy to see and implement.

In silence I relaxed. Relaxed I became more efficient. With no inner noise, options arouse.

“When there is a will, there is a way…”

Thank you silence for the wisdom you transmit.