Everybody faces problems every day. Nobody likes them and they are never welcomed.The problem is not the problem but how you relate to it. The problem is the lack of ability to deal with it.A problem is an opportunity to grow. A problem is a training you still lack in some aspect of life. Nothing is a problem when you handle it with ease, when you can solve it without getting angry, anxious or afraid.Unless you accept you have to start  working on personal development, others will be to blame. No matter if it is the partner, the boss, the co-worker, family members, working conditions of society.Then you have to ask yourself if you are ready to solve them. To clarify an issue you need willingness, personal effort and time. Time is a limited resource. It takes personal effort and willingness to change habits, pay attention to details and heighten your level of awareness.Everybody wants increase in something: more money, better relationships, a better job, a bigger house, more time, more leisure, a better life. You are in your right to desire all these things. Everybody wants them. But everybody finds obstacles in the way, to succeed in getting what you want you need  to develop certain skills. Your life is NOW. Nobody except you can solve your issues and by taking action you can do it. To be able to change your actions, you must first change your mind. If you train yourself to act differently, your results will also be different.