How to unveil the creative power within oneself


We all want to live more, to do more, to have more, to enjoy more, to add more life to life. This is natural because life just for the mere fact of existing looks for increase in all fields. Action, achievements, they are all very good but …how to?

Keep your attention focused on positive thinking because it brings a sense of ease and comfort. Remember : nothing good comes out of negative thoughts. Bear in mind that the essence of the creative power within you is always positive.

Life wants you to live a fuller life and that is at your disposal. Everybody has the inner possibilities of creation provided he/she has a definite will to achieve it.

Yes, but …How to?

By coming to that hidden part of oneself where infinite chances are available to us. The secret lies in being silent and listening. When thoughts are stopped, in speechlessness, in quietness, awareness arises. In that well being one becomes that creative agent one is. There is something solemn in that stillness where there is only attention to attention. It is there and then when one becomes what one really is and creation is achieved.

When there is a will there is a way. Suffice it to say that on this path all modern devices that keep you off concentration are banned otherwise new ideas will not flourish. To be alive with new projects one must remain open to them. Gadgets around are for entertainment or for learning, not for the formulation or generation of something original and fresh.

To knee deep into generation, to be plentiful with different conceptions, with up-to-date solutions and accomplish new deals, quietude is key.

But the noiselessness and calm is not only referred to the outside atmosphere but to the stillness inside oneself.

When I look around I find that humans seem to be “frantically running from silence” as Rumi says.

Possibilities inside oneself are endless, infinite, if we dare to dive deep and find them.

One is very powerful provided one acknowledges how powerful one is. Otherwise what’s its use if one ignores it and just runs about looking outside for what one’s got at hand, just inside oneself.

There is Nowhere to go.


ATTENTION: all habits take a time to be implemented and diving into silence is not an exception.