A few lines for YOU



Today a new week starts. One of the fifty-two in the year.

Today be grateful for what you are and what you have, don’t take them for granted because they are not a small issue. Each little thing you’ve got counts.

Focus on being motivated all day long. Decide to begin every morning with the list of goals on your breakfast table.

Remember to use the “Yes, I can” mode on every situation you face today.

Dare to live, take action, do not vegetate.

Do not live in the comfort zone, dare to walk into the uncertain because it is there that things happen. The world is constantly changing and it is full of conflicts for you to solve. Life is giving you the opportunity to take action. More lessons to be learnt!

To succeed, think of a new “challenge” or “opportunity” do not use the word “problem”, it sounds negative and fatalistic.

Just for today, think positive ideas, keep a positive attitude, walk straight.

Reinforce your ideas of self-development. Each of us needs daily encouragement in one aspect or the other.

We all need somebody to believe in us. If you yourself do not believe enough in yourself, take notice:

Each of us is an agent of creation.

I trust YOU.

YOU are capable.

Do your best, dare to try.

I write for YOU.

Today “smile” more, say “please and thank you” more times. Show the world the very best part of yourself and see HOW your day evolves.